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UPDATE: Online Entries

March 13, 2013

I hope to alleviate confusion with this post — please save snickers for snacks. 😉

One of the beauties of online entries resides in its perpetual presence accessible to anyone from anywhere.

In plain speak, you don’t need to print online entries. Anything posted online qualifies, even if it originally appeared in a print or broadcast outlet. Please just send the urls directly to so that I can forward those to the judges. Although my provost would love the fact you’re using paper — as UAM’s the only School of Forestry in the state — I’m more into efficiency.

It would be helpful when you mail those urls to have them included under a category listing. For example:

8W Online Topical Reporting/Blogs

21W Video Podcasts

(NOTE: posting the urls directly into this blog causes videos to load. An email through the listserv better shows the effect.)

When I receive your entries, I will reply with a CC: to Polly Walter, ACMA treasurer, acknowledging acceptance. That way she’ll have a copy of the number of entries in expectation of fees from this contest. The entry fees will still be sent with the rest.

If your university takes time to cut the check, please have your adviser email Polly to let her know. If you have any questions, I’m online most all the time: or

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