Media Outlet General Excellence Competition

All registration forms should be typed or legibly printed and uploaded with contest materials at BetterBNC contest site.


  • five issues (three consecutive) of the newspaper OR
  • one yearbook published during the contest period OR
  • one copy of a magazine published during the contest period OR
  • the home page URL for the Website.

FOR THE GENERAL EXCELLENCE COMPETITION, the contest period is the calendar year preceding the contest year (for example, only a yearbook published in 2018 could be entered in the 2019 contest). Follow specific instructions at the contest site.

  1. five issues of the newspaper (three consecu­tive) must be submitted;
  2. one yearbook must be submitted;
  3. one copy of a magazine must be submitted (if you print two in a year, choose one);
  4. for television, two hours of consecutive original programming broadcast anytime during the contest period. For example, if you produce a 30-minute newscast twice a week, you would need to submit two consecutive weeks of your newscasts. If you produce 1 30-minute newscast, a 15-minute sports show and a 15-minute music show each week, you would need two consecutive weeks of these three shows to make your 2 hours of original programming. Broadcast entries include a working URL. (In the past we had some URLs for websites that did not work for the judges. Please be sure yours are working.)
  5. For website of the year, provide URL to home page of the website. Candidates may also provide up to 8 links to specific postings they wish to highlight for judges. Descriptions of these can be provided in the caption information.
  6. For radio outlet of the year, provide working URLs to recorded content that originally aired during the contest period (i.e., the previous calendar year). Submitted clips should demonstrate excellence in news, sports, live events, web presence, IDs and/or sweepers. Please check your URLs before submitting.

(You may copy the following form as cover page to upload with your submission.)


Publication or Station                                                                 Category

Street and/or P.O. Box City, State, ZIP


Telephone                                              Adviser                           College/University








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