Yearbook (Y)

Staffs or individuals working at an Arkansas college media outlet may enter this contest. You can access the following 22 individual Yearbook categories and file upload instructions at the BetterBNC contest site.

Y1 Yearbook Cover
Y2 Yearbook Introduction Theme Page/Opening
Y3 Yearbook Divider
Y4 Yearbook Closing
Y5 Yearbook Endsheets
Y6 Yearbook Feature Layout
Y7 Yearbook Academic Layout
Y8 Yearbook Layout-Organization/Greek
Y9 Yearbook Portrait Layout
Y10 Yearbook Student Life Layout
Y11 Yearbook Sports Layout
Y12 Yearbook Sports Writing
Y13 Yearbook Academics Writing
Y14 Yearbook Writing-Organization/Greek
Y15 Yearbook Student Life Writing
Y16 Yearbook Special Features Writing
Y17 Yearbook Typographic Presentation
Y18 Yearbook Art/Illustration
Y19 Yearbook Feature Photo
Y20 Yearbook Sports Photo
Y21 Yearbook Student Life Photo
Y22 Yearbook Academics Photo


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