Reporter of the Year

All registration forms should be typed or legibly printed. Print form below to use as the cover for your nomination/application packet, to be uploaded at BetterBNC.

Each entry must be accompanied by:

• Applicant’s résumé or curriculum vitae

• Check/fee for processing ($20 per entry), submitted with conference registration.

• At least three letters of support (a letter from the publication’s adviser or chairperson of the editorial board would be helpful but is not mandatory).

CANDIDATES FOR REPORTER OF THE YEAR should submit a minimum of five stories (print or online) or five packages (television) highlighting their work during the calendar year 2016. If a candidate for reporter of the year works in more than one medium, the candidate may submit a mixture of the media. In any case, do not submit more than eight (8) stories or packages.

(Copy the following form, complete and save as a Word file to upload with your application materials.)


Reporter of the Year Nomination Form


Name/Title                                                                    Category


Classification (fr., So. Jr., Sr.)                                  Years of  Publication Service


Publication or Station                                                  College/University

Street and/or P.O. Box City, State, ZIP


Telephone                                                                          Adviser



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