TV Producer/Director of the Year

All registration forms should be typed or legibly printed. Print form below to use as the cover for your nomination/application packet, to be uploaded at BetterBNC.

Each entry must be accompanied by:

• Applicant’s résumé or curriculum vitae

• Check/fee for processing ($20 per entry), submitted with conference registration.

• At least three letters of support (a letter from the publication’s adviser or chairperson of the editorial board would be helpful but is not mandatory).

CANDIDATES FOR TV PRODUCER/DIRECTOR OF THE YEAR should submit a minimum of five originally produced packages or shows that aired during the contest period.  See contest site for more details.

(Copy the following form, complete and save as a Word file to upload with your application materials.)


TV Producer/Director of the Year Nomination Form—10GE


Name/Title                                                                    Category


Classification (fr., So. Jr., Sr.)                                  Years of  Publication Service


Publication or Station                                                  College/University

Street and/or P.O. Box City, State, ZIP


Telephone                                                                          Adviser



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