National Federation of Press Women Contest

The NFPW national conference meets June  18-20, 2020, in Little Rock.

Wouldn’t it be great to see Arkansas journalists, both professional and student, on the NFPW contest winner’s list?

Please consider entering your own work and that of your staff.

Contest entry fees vary by state; go here to learn about fees for Arkansans.

See contest deadlines and categories below.  Time is short!!!

Notice: College entries are limited to numbers 58-61

The contest is open to all genders.

Write on,

Prof. Denise Nemec, faculty adviser

NWACC Eagle View


Late Fee Deadline, January 28, 2020 (midnight in your time zone)

A one-time $25 late fee will be assessed to all entrants after this date.

Book final deadline, February 4, 2020 (midnight in your time zone)

Due to the extended time, it takes to judge book categories, all book entries must be entered by this date.

Final regular deadline, February 11, 2020 (midnight in your time zone)

All remaining entries must be entered by this date.


NFPW offers a wide range of communication categories:

  • Writing (Categories 1-17)
  • Editing (Categories 18-20)
  • Photography (Categories 21-23)
  • Graphics and Design (Categories 24-26)
  • Radio and Television (Categories 27-32)
  • Web and Social Media (Categories 33-41)
  • Advertising (Categories 42-45)
  • Communications Programs and Campaigns (Categories 46-50)
  • Public Relations Materials (Categories 51-53)
  • Information for the Media (Categories 54-56)
  • Speeches (Category 57)
  • Collegiate/Education (Categories 58-61)

For a complete list of categories and entry guidelines visit the Categories and Requirements page on our contest site.

Each category and subcategory has specific guidelines and requirements.  If you have any questions about the guidelines or the category in which your entry should be submitted, email Teri Ehresman at

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