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Judging Continues, Results Arriving

March 26, 2012

As Spring Break got underway last week, judges from Florida to Washington state received the following information.

The Arkansas College Media Association awards certificates for first, second and third place and honorable mention. ACMA requests all entries of merit earn an award. Judges may have ties in the rankings and more than one honorable mention.

ACMA provided the judges samples of judging forms for General Excellence used in the past. But judges do not need to be constrained by those forms, i.e. we requested they use whatever criteria they determine necessary for the individual categories scored. ACMA requested a copy of scoring rubrics if differing from the sample.

ACMA also requested judges critique and make relevant comments on any entry to help students consider how they might improve their skills upon entering a shrinking job market. Those constrained by time were asked to provide comments for the top places.

Finally, ACMA requested a list of winners in each category by April 8. Although some results have already came back, a list of winners will not be available until the ACMA awards banquet April 20.

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