2012 ACMA Media Contest

   The March 13 deadline approaches for the 2012 ACMA Media Contest.

   Thanks to advisers at Arkansas colleges and universities, the 2012 contest features updated registration forms. Can’t find that email? It’s OK. Download the forms here: ACMA forms 2012 LR.

   The new registration forms will hopefully alleviate confusion and add incentives for you to enter this year. Notable changes include:

  • Charging $15 instead of $25 per publication for membership fees, which will hopefully help in tight economic times.
  • Breaking out the Editor of the Year category into multiple levels, though we still have only one entry form. We’d already done this for newspaper and yearbook EotY, but there’s also a lot of work that goes into putting out a magazine and a Web outlet. This way they won’t be running against each other.
  • Adding the Arkansas Newspaper Foundation’s Advertising Designer of the Year Award. Advertising students could previously enter the Designer of the Year competition – and will still use that form for submissions – but this singles them out and will hopefully entice entrants with a plaque on the line.
  • Removing mounting requirements for print newspapers
  • Adding a headline category in newspapers.
  • Removing the VHS option for broadcast. DVD submissions have been the norm recently.

   National judges await your best work. This year’s judges work at media programs on both sides of the continent and places in between including California State University-Chico, Eastern New Mexico University, Florida Atlantic University, Gonzaga University, Kansas State University, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, Texas Tech University, Texas Wesleyan University, Texas Woman’s University, University of Southern Mississippi and the University of Texas- Arlington.

   Questions? Email Ron (sitton@uamont.edu) with ACMA in the subject line and Cc: to Sonny (cmrhodes@ualr.edu) and Polly (pollyw@uca.edu). We look forward to seeing your entries prior to seeing you April 20 in Little Rock!

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