2012 ACMA Conference and Awards Banquet

   Sonny Rhodes and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock will host the 2012 Arkansas Collegiate Media Association’s awards banquet Friday, April 20 in Little Rock at Juanita’s Bar & Grill, downtown in the River Market area just down the road from the Clinton Library.

   Juanita’s will be serving soft drinks, chips, salsa, cheese dip and a Fajita Feast for lunch, with the option of mushroom fajitas for vegetarian/vegans (they’ll leave off the cheese and sour cream and skip the cheese dip for vegans). Help the restaurant prepare for us by having each expected banquet participant take the quick ‘n’ easy facebook survey: https://www.facebook.com/ArkCMA.

   Please submit the actual number of vegetarian/vegan meals along with $10 per conference attendee when submitting registration forms postmarked by the March 13 deadline. Additional participants may be added until April 6, when advisers must submit a roster of publication staffs, designating who will participate in the banquet ceremonies.

2 Replies to “2012 ACMA Conference and Awards Banquet”

  1. Reblogged this on — more — and commented:

    If you haven’t submitted your staff roster to ensure accurate certificates and awards, please send to sitton at uamont dot edu. We also need a definitive count on the vegetarian/vegan dishes needed!

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